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We offer Machining, Repair and or Modification services in respect to machinery used in a range of industries such as Earthmoving, Mining, Marine, Transport and Agricultural Machinery and Systems including:

  • Modern Line Boring machines capable of welding and boring in the field and available at short notice supplied with or without an operator.

  • Flange facing options include Ring Type Joint and Raised Face Flanges for a large range of sizes supplied with or without an operator.

  • Pipe cutting and bevelling machines are simple to operate and available in multiple sizes to suit your specific circumstances supplied with or without an operator.

  • Portable Shaft Lathes give the ability to repair damaged shafts on heavy equipment in the field to minimise both down time and costs.

  • Either gantry [3 axis] or linear [2 axis] style milling machines available to suit your circumstances supplied with or without an operator. Suitable for resurfacing of Motor and Pump Bases, Machine Track Pads, and many other machine surfaces including vertical or inclined faces. We also offer onsite welding of pads to enable machining back to original specifications.

  • Tyre & roller grinding helps maintain surface contact minimising wear and power usage.

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